About us

Three Monkey Software was born out of Jade Software Corporation’s innovation centre in Christchurch. Our company began as four friends with a passion for creating applications which combine simple functionality and creativity. With our combined experience we branched out on our own and began building iOS applications for release to the iTunes store.

Our first iPhone application; Dingdong was released in 2009. Since then we have released Perimeter and Blokka; an original board-game app, with many more to come.View our portfolio.

Our monkeys are now concentrating on creating and publishing innovative iOS and web applications for the business world. We understand that the way we do business is changing and that work doesn’t always happen at your desk. Our monkeys can build application solutions to meet your business needs in a mobile work environment.

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Founding Monkeys

Gray Rathgen – Art Monkey
Gray creates the unique designs for our applications. He has over 15 years of User Interface and User Experience design. Gray is a family man and also a keen mountain biker.

Kevin Alcock – Code Monkey
Kevin builds our applications from the ground up. He is Harley Davidson obsessed and if he’s not holed up writing code you’ll be sure to find him out riding, cleaning, or gazing at his bike.